Ameet Hindocha - Sultan Ahmet Camii`nden Bir Tasarımın Çeşitliliği

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3. Uluslararası İslam Sanatında Geometrik Desenler Çalıştayı

Ameet Hindocha - Sultan Ahmet Camii`nden Bir Tasarımın Çeşitliliği

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I have worked as a freelance graphic designer for the last fifteen years, mainly focussed on helping businesses develop strong and effective visual identities and applying this structure to their visual communication materials, whether that is for print or web. I have a wealth of experience in logo design, print design and front-end web design and development including custom WordPress themes, for a range of clients. See examples on the project page. In 2014, having attended a course at the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts I discovered (and quickly became obsessed with) the practice of geometry which brings together my long-standing interests in art, mathematics, nature and pattern. Geometry combines these interests through an intuitive visual language which opens up many possibilities for image-making. Applying these forms to pulsating fields of pattern, and how this relates to number theory, organic form and patterns of growth is an exciting area of creative exploration for me. My geometric obsession allows me to explore process through the application of geometric designs mainly, but not exclusively, to drawing, printmaking and animation. I am excited by the possibilities that arise from the blurred lines between new and old technologies.